Peter Gillogley is an evidence based psychologist focused on helping people to pursue more rich, full and meaningful lives.

Providing specialist treatment in trauma, anxiety, depression, and psychosis. If psychological distress, harsh self-criticism, unsustainable coping strategies or difficulty trusting others and forming new relationships, are getting in the way of pursuing a more rich, full and meaningful life, then I invite you to make an appointment with me. I work from two locations, the New Farm Wellness Centre on Tuesdays and the Brisbane ACT Centre on Wednesdays.

About Peter

Peter Gillogley is a registered counselling psychologist who enjoys working with teenagers and adults.


Peter specialises in complex trauma, dissociative disorders (including dissociative identity disorder), and schizophrenia. Peter also works across most client issues including rumination, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, past trauma, psychosis and other common psychological distress.


Peter is flexible in his treatment approach drawing on evidence based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), and trauma-informed therapy including EMDR.

Book an Appointment with Peter

Peter consults out of the New Farm Wellness Centre every Tuesday and Wednesday.