Compassion Focused Therapy Resources

I often use these resources when assisting clients engage in Compassionate Mind Training. I hope you find them useful too.


Core Exercises

  1. Soothing Rhythm Breathing
  2. Face and Voice Tones
  3. Safe Place
  4. Compassionate State
  5. Compassionate Image
  6. Compassion Flowing Into Oneself
  7. Leaves on a stream
  8. Building our compassionate self (Part 1)
  9. Building our compassionate self (Part 2)



Stepping Stones to a Compassionate Life

Therapy Game

The Stepping Stones to a Compassionate Life Game is a therapeutic game that allows players to explore what it would be like to engage and put into action the three flows of compassion: compassion to others, compassion from others, and self-compassion. Players will have the opportunity to identify a difficult moment in their life where they would like to be more compassionate and the fears, blocks, and resistances that get in the way of being their most compassionate self.

A self-help book that provides a highly readable overview of compassion focused therapy and a practical workbook to put it into practice.

A comprehensive introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy by the founder of CFT.

An excellent podcast that provides audio and discussion on the key CFT exercises as well as spcific podcasts that dig deeper into various compassion topics.