Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy in Brisbane

Internal Family Systems therapy is based on the reasonably straight forward idea that we all experience different parts of ourselves. We might say: “one part of me wants to exercise and eat healthily, but another part of me wants to each junk food, especially when I am stressed. When we tune into these parts of ourselves, they can feel like little people inside us, with their own body based sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts and motivations. You are probably familiar with feeling conflicted or confused about something in your life, with parts of us holding opposite positions.


What is Internal Family Systems?

Internal Family Systems therapy is an evidence-based approach that focuses on healing our parts and encouraging a greater sense of balance and harmony in order to promote better mental health. You can read more about the Internal Family System’s model on the IFS Institute Website.

What are the key assumptions of Internal Family Systems?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy assumes we all have parts and a self. There are no “bad parts” just parts that get stuck in extreme roles. Like an everyday family parts for relationships that can be polarised (opposite agendas) or supportive. Everyone has a self that can lead and help parts heal so that there can be more cooperation between parts leading to a greater sense of balance and harmony.

Peter is able to work from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed perspective.

How can I learn more about "Self" in Internal Family Systems

The one inside. An IFS Podcast with Tammy Sollenberger The One Inside podcast interview IFS and Living from Self with Loch Kelly is a good place to start.


Or Loch’s own Effortless Mindfulness podcast or his “The way of Effortless Mindfulness” book.