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SeeBeyond Services

Gillogley Services involvement with SeeBeyond technology dates back to the days when SeeBeyond was know as STC and datagate was their flag ship offering!

eGate and ICAN

Peter has several years of experience with eGate technology (including monk script based translation development). This brings practical experience in the idiosyncrasies of interfacing eGate to many different health vendors.

eIndex and Enterprise Master Index (EMPI)

Enterprise heath records (EHR) demand solutions that deliver a person centred architecture The challenge is dealing with patient identified differently in the many systems required to interact with the EHR. Peter has been involved in the requirements analysis, specification, design, specification and testing of a number of EMPI based solutions. Gillogley services is well positioned to assist with the inevitable person matching, merge/unmerge and other challenges inherent in EMPI based solutions.

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