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Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) Technologies

Enterprise Master Patient Index technologies are one response to the health integration challenge facing many health organisations. That challenge is how to provide a patient centred health record. The health integration challenge arises because health applications are typically populated from patient encounters in different facilities. Patients may be identified differently in each facility. For example a patient may present to one hospital and be assigned a medical record number (MRN). This number is associated with the patient chart and is used in any electronic information communicated about the patient. The challenge for any Electronic Health Record that needs to present a patient centric health record is that the identifying information being sent with clinical data sent (typically via HL7) has different identifiers for the same patient depending on which facility the patient has visited. Enterprise Master Patient Indexes or EMPIs provide a cross facility client directory. Such a directory typically records:
EMPI technologies facilitate the the building of a patient centred health record. Gillogley services is experienced in EMPI testing, EMPI analysis and EMPI testing.

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