HL7, Electronic Health Record (EHR), health integration (eGate), and software testing (test life-cycle, IEEE 829 test documentation, Mercury Quality Center) specialists

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Electronic Health Record Services
EHR standards
EHR system communication standard
CEN 13606-1 EHR Reference model
Electronic Health Record Glossary
Health Integration Services
Interface engine
eGate Integrator
EMPI Services
EMPI planning
EMPI analysis
EMPI testing
Health Integration Services Glossary

HL7 Services
HL7 Standard
HL7 - Standards AUstralia
HL7 Interface Planning
HL7 interface business requirements
HL7 application analysis
HL7 interface requirements analysis
HL7 interface specification
HL7 interface testing
HL7 Plug and Play
HL7 Experience
HL7 services for Qld Health state-wide CIS/PAS
HL7 services for Qld Health RIS
HL7 services for Qld Health health district EMR
HL7 services for West Mead Children's Hospital ICU
HL7 services for Daw Park Repatriation General Hospital
HL7 services for Royal Perth Hospital
HL7 services for Queensland Health RIS
HL7 services for Mater Hospital Brisbane ICU/CIS
HL7 egate ITIL systems mgt planning and strategic planning
HL7 Articles
HL7 PMI – 7 Implementation Tips
HL7 - Glue for an Electronic Health Record (EHR)
HL7 Glossary
Software Testing Services
Mercury Quality Center
QuickTest Professional Experience
IEE Std 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation
Framework for Integrated Test (FIT)
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