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Electronic Health Record Services

The Electronic Health Record according to CEN is a persistent longitudinal and potentially multi-enterprise or multi-national health care record, created or stored in one or more physical EHR systems to provide a medico-legal record of care that has been provided.

In such a model an EHR is populated by and queried from other applications using EHR standard interfaces. For example a stand alone electronic medical record in a doctors surgery may send summary details to the EHR. A public health state CIS may send hospital episode summaries to the EHR.

Successful EHR implementations will require end-to-end solutions that encompass day-to-day health records managed in standalone doctor's surgery practice systems as well as state managed enterprise applications (CIS/PAS). While standardisation promises to simplify EHR implementation, successful EHR integration strategies will require careful analysis of all health applications directly (via EHR interfaces) or indirectly (by interacting with other applications that in turn interface to the EHR).

Gillogley services has experience with a broad range of health applications including Clinical Information Systems (CIS), Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Radiology and Pathology Gillogley Services has experience in the EHR integration of health applications such as Auslab, Cerner, EDIS, iSoft Homer, ORMIS, and Quadrat. Gillogley Services also has experience with integration technologies such as eGate, and Enterprise Master Patient Indexes (EMPI).

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