Peter Gillogley is a registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. He uses evidence-based approaches to work collaboratively with people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and psychosis. Peter works mainly with young people and adults.

Peter has noticed everyone has a unique lived experience.This has lead Peter to believe that individuals are doing the best they can AND they want to make meaningful change in their lives.

Peter draws his experiences as a son, husband, parent, and friend as well as other professional roles in pubic and private enterprise,as well as big and small IT companies. He has been a trainee, team leader, manager and project director.  To be honest, he is not sure he is getting any wiser, so instead he tries to be a better and less judgemental listener.  If you are curious, you can read more about his professional experiences in his LinkedIn Profile.

Peter loves learning. As well as a Masters in Psychology (APA accredited 6 years of study), he also has studied IT, arts and business. He does lots of psychology related professional development, to keep his thinking fresh and to bring best-practice approaches to his work.

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